Referral Program for FIRST TIME





Refer a friend to

Rio Vista Farms for the first time for

special rewards!


Do I have to have a referral to get the $10 off $30 for my first time visit?

No. If you are a first time customer with one of these cards you can redeem the deal without a referrer.

Can I give these to a friend who has been to Rio Vista Farms before?

No. This is only a referral program for new customers.

Why do I need to fill out my information before I give it to a friend?

So that we are able to correctly give you your points. Cards without full information will not be rewarded with their loyalty points.

Where can I get the cards?

You can pick them up at Rio Vista Farms or from Rio Vista Farms at an event we are attending. See calendar.

How It Works:


You pick up our 'Reefer-A-Friend' cards at Rio Vista Farms.


Fill our YOUR OWN INFORMATION on the cards.


Give cards to a friend 21+ who has not been to Rio Vista Farms before.


Tell them how awesome Rio Vista Farms is!


They come to Rio Vista Farms & Check-In For the First Time


They turn in the card you gave them for $10 off their purchase.


You get 200 Loyalty Points added to your account!