Weekly Review RoundUp September 4th

We love getting great reviews from our customers! Tell us about your experience at Rio Vista Farms to be featured.

Marnie Gonzales - 5 Stars

"Always helpful staff & plenty of options"

Kelly Day - 5 Stars

"Very nice place, plenty of parking, people were very informative. Super confortable energy..liked it."

Z I - 5 Stars

"amazing prices & great quality are what you'll find at this family owned farm/dispensary. This is my new local go to so I'll definitely be back. My only dislike is that I have to pay a toll to cross the bridge but that's a small price to pay compared to what you get in return."

Brian Atwood - 5 Stars

"Great place it was hard to find so call street name changed. Friendly staff very helpful"

Ben Kova - 5 Stars

"Soo many cheap products and their prices include all taxes. Eights of flower for as cheap as $20, also noticed half gram vape cartridges for $20 and full gram vapes for $40. We got a couple of eights of flower and a few vapes, all of which were new to us. We were absolutely pleased with everything we got. Everything purchased was high quality, potent, effective, and didn't tastse harsh nor had any complaints period. Nice staff, they gave us enough time to browse, ask questions, and make a confident transaction overall. Will certainly be back, thanks once again."

Brandon Brizendine - 5 Stars


Daniel Hawthorne - 5 Stars

"Great vibe going on here! Has kind of "Mom&Pop" feel, good professional service apon entering. Laid back Gotta love it!"

noah murray - 5 Stars

"Great selection friendly staff awesome security guard"

Shawn Ezell - 5 Stars

"Great place to get lots is stuff.. Caviar Gold too..."

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