Weekly Review RoundUp - August 12

Weekly Review RoundUp for Rio Vista Farms. Thank you to all of our loyal customers for their support! We post some of our favorite reviews from each week:

Cynthia G. - 5 Stars on Yelp

"My first time to ever visit one of these places. With arthritis flaring up and doctors unwilling to order pain meds, this was my last resort. I bravely entered where I thought that this grandma never would and was instantly put at ease. The staff was friendly, helpful and did everything by the book. The staff member patiently helped me understand what was available, how the different types of products worked and listened to my every concern. I highly recommend this clean and safe establishment, located to the rear of the police department."

Patrick Murphy - 5 Stars on Google

"It's strange to go past the police station to buy stuff, but I'm getting used to it. Much more relaxed than a lot of clubs but didn't strike me as unprofessional. Decent prices considering it's located next-to-no-where."

Darinka Aburto - 5 Stars on Google

"The crew is very helpful and very funny, very professional, they know their products!!! If you have a green thumb get a clone while they have them!"

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