THC vs. CBD: Are they the same?

The main 'active' ingredients in Cannabis are called Cannabinoids. They interact with your Endocannabinoid system which is found in almost all the cells in your body. There are two main Cannabinoids on the market today, THC & CBD. If you have been to a dispensary recently you have probably seen these two cannabinoids in your products. But what do they mean?

Cannabinoids are responsible for most of the effects when you consume cannabis. THC is the most common Cannabinoid in Cannabis. It causes a psychoactive response in your brain triggering euphoria and other feelings. Because of the psychoactive properties in THC, it has caused the most controversy in Cannabis because it makes you 'high'. While THC can be used recreationally, it also has a wide variety of medical benefits that are still being researched.

In contrast, CBD has no psychoactive properties and is found in Cannabis and Hemp farmed for industrial purposes. CBD is used as a wellness promoter because the main function of CBD is to bring any physiological process back into balance.

If you look at our chart below it give more information on how CBD & THC are different.

Rio Vista Farms THC vs CBD

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