Reviews Round-Up September & October

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Lucio L. - 5 Stars

"Im always very pleased when I come here you definelty pay for quality. Ive gone to most clubs all over the bay, central and socal. And ive paid for 60 dollars eighths of some mediocre dank you got what you pay for here.. i obviously dont care how much i spend as long as its fire. They got some good, their high grade tree really high grade. Flavor, smell, presentation , nice crack when you break it down, sticky and smooth as you hit it. Nice white ashes I hate non properly cured tree. Thanks for having good weed close by to home. Go check them out , and cash out on some good."

"hael M - 5 Stars

"This place is awesome great prices and excellent service very nice people here"

Don Thompson - 5 Stars

"Awesome! #GoodHighs"

Neiland Franks - 5 Stars

"Very helpful"

Harrison Leon -5 Stars

"My place to get great weed"

Dane Young - 5 Stars

"I love weed!"

Jorge Martinez - 5 Stars


Ernesto Longoria - 5 Stars

"Love this place best weed around"

Garrett Allen - 5 Stars

"Friendly staff all around. Gave me a free battery cause I didn't get an option on the color."

Teresa Gonzalez - 5 Stars

"You ever, like, needed weed but your like "where do I go??? " You go here MF ! This is where u go. Secured parking lot, super friendly security guard. Staff in the back run that counter like you buying fine wine. Go here! Right now."

Larcie Fitzmorris - 5 Stars

"Amazing employees, very knowledgeable about the product. Friendly atmosphere."

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